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Stop Smoking Sacramento :: The Healthy Alternative

What if you could finally STOP SMOKING?

What if you no longer had the craving for nicotine?
What if you could find a quick, easy, and completely natural way to eliminate smoking from your life?

It's TIME to stop smoking Sacramento!You’ve tried everything: the patch, nicotine gum, cold turkey, nasal sprays, inhalers, needles and laser technologies and you STILL can’t quit smoking!

Have you tried to quit, but found you can’t get smoking off of your mind?

Have you ever really given them up, only to somehow find a cigarette in your hand after a short time?

Do you find that you miss your “friend” the cigarette?

Hypnosis is the completely natural, easy and drug free way to become a non-smoker. No patch, no pills. You can use the incredible power of your subconscious mind to eliminate the cravings, the desire and the fears that keep you from succeeding in finally “kicking the habit.”

Your smoking habit is caused in your subconscious mind where all of your memories, beliefs and habits are stored. When you work directly with your subconscious mind, you build up your conscious desire to remain smoke-free, while you remove the blocks preventing it.

Kick the cigarette habit once and for all!Of all the researched stop-smoking methods, hypnosis has proven to be the most effective.

The Journal of Applied Psychology analyzed over 600 studies involving more than 72,000 people, including 48 studies of hypnosis and smoking cessation. The results clearly showed hypnosis was three times more effective than traditional nicotine replacement therapy.

Could you put out that last cigarette and actually forget to have another? Yes!

Our unique holistic approach to quitting smoking follows all of the guidelines of the American Cancer Society. We blend the best in hypnotherapy techniques with behavioral modification and combine them with the science of neuro-linguistic programming (NLP), another proven method to change ingrained habits and the subconscious memories and beliefs that contribute to them.

Hypnosis is a legitimate, useful tool to change unwanted habits.

The only experience many people have with hypnosis is from watching entertainers they see at fairs or on TV. They see people up on stage acting silly or doing strange things. That is like someone who only sees dinner plates spun on poles by a juggler not realizing how useful dinner plates really are when used for their correct purpose.

Understand the health benefits of stopping smoking!Hypnosis when used by a licensed, ethical hypnotist is a powerful tool used by the medical profession, law enforcement, and some of the world’s top athletes.

While there are many myths about hypnosis, science is replacing those myths with solid evidence of its effectiveness. Thousands of people have found hypnosis to be a positive way to stop smoking since the American Medial Association (AMA) approved the use of clinical hypnosis in the 1950’s.

You can be the next one. Call us today.  
(916) 729-0737

Forget the cigarette ads and get the facts about cigarettes, smoking, effects on your lungs (including lung cancer), and how to quit smoking.  Stop smoking now with a safe, effective and natural treatment that aids and supports smokers through hypnosis.  Get tips on ways to quit through coaching now!

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